Family Tree of Edward Fisher

of Merginstown, Dunlavin, Co. Wicklow, Ireland

Parish Church of St. Nicholas (Church of Ireland), Dunlavin, Co. Wicklow
Parish Church of St. Nicholas (Church of Ireland), Dunlavin, Co. Wicklow

1. Edward Fisher of Dunlavin, merchant, and subsequently of Merginstown, Dunlavin, Co. Wicklow. Married Eleanor Bacon (buried(1) Dunlavin August 1st 1739). Buried March 8th 1735 at Dunlavin. Will proved at Dublin 1735. Issue:

1.1. John Fisher.

1.2. Thomas Fisher. 'Son of Edward and Eleanor Fisher buried January 29th 1728/29' at Dunlavin.

1.3. Katherine Fisher. Baptised at Dunlavin January 21st 1704/05. Buried at Dunlavin December 16th 1741.

1.4. Mary Fisher. Married by licence Dunlavin February 23rd 1719/20 Robert King. Issue:

1.4.1. John King.

1.5. Jane Fisher. Baptised Dunlavin May 1st 1707. Buried Dunlavin February 5th 1727/28.

1.6. Susanna Fisher. Baptised Dunlavin March 5th 1708/09. Married Dunlavin July 13th 1733 Henry Ottowel.

Back one generation.

1.1. John Fisher of Merginstown House, gentleman. Married by licence at Saint Luke's, Dublin, November 25th 1736 Rebecca Essington (baptised February 23rd 1708/09, daughter of Richard Essington(2), of Clonee, Co. Meath, and Tubber, Co. Dublin, High Sheriff of Co. Dublin (1726), and his wife Elizabeth Ward. Buried Dunlavin September 2nd 1754. Will proved at Dublin 1754. Issue:

1.1.1. Eleanor Fisher. Baptised Dunlavin May 15th 1739. Possibly married by licence 1769 Richard Lambert (died 1777) of Rathdrum. Died 1793?

1.1.2. Anne Fisher. Baptised Dunlavin February 23rd 1740/41.

1.1.3. Katherine Fisher. Baptised Dunlavin April 20th 1743.

1.1.4. Edward Fisher.

1.1.5. Richard Fisher.

1.1.6. Mary Fisher. Baptised Dunlavin July 15th 1749. Buried Dunlavin April 22nd 1752.

Back one generation.

1.1.4. Edward Fisher, Esq., of Merginstown House, Dunlavin, Co. Wicklow, and Stephen Street, Dublin, Attorney, King's Bench, Hilary 1766. Baptised Dunlavin September 19th 1744. Married at Saint Michael's, Dublin, July 20th 1769 Mary Reed, daughter of Samuel Reed of Dublin. Compensated as a 'suffering loyalist' following the 1798 rebellion. Buried Dunlavin August 22nd 1824 ('Edward Fisher, Esq.'). Issue: John Fisher. Born c. 1771. Educated Trinity College, Dublin. Lieutenant Dunlavin Yeomanry, 1796? Died April 27th 1801 and buried at Dunlavin Old Churchyard. Samuel Fisher. Born c. 1774. Died October 28th 1798 and buried Dunlavin Old Churchyard. Margaret Fisher. Born c. 1778. Died May 12th 1800 and buried at Dunlavin Old Churchyard. Edward Fisher. Born c. 1783. Died August 8th 1785 and buried at Dunlavin Old Churchyard. Edward Thomas Fisher. Attorney Exchequer, Trinity 1808. Born c. 1787. Died March 4th 1814 and buried at Dunlavin Old Churchyard. Mary Fisher. Born c. 1792. Died July 20th 1795 and buried at Dunlavin Old Churchyard. Elinor Fisher.

Back one generation.

1.1.5. Richard Fisher, gentleman. Born c. 1745. Married Jane - (buried Dunlavin February 24th 1803). Compensated as a 'suffering loyalist' following the 1798 rebellion. Buried at Dunlavin February 7th 1819 ('Mr. Richard Fisher'). Will dated February 1st 1819 and proved at Dublin in the same year. Issue: John Fisher. Born c. 1772. Edward Fisher. Buried Dunlavin January 16th 1811 ('Mr. Edward Fisher Junior'). Richard Fisher. Named in a deed. George Fisher. Rebecca Fisher. Baptised Dunlavin November 24th 1774. Married Dunlavin February 10th 1793 Matthew Noble (who was compensated as a 'suffering loyalist' after the 1798 rebellion?). Elizabeth Fisher. Baptised Dunlavin October 20th 1776 and buried Dunlavin June 8th 1778. William Fisher. Baptised Dunlavin September 29th 1780. Buried Dunlavin November 15th 1807. Mary Fisher. Baptised Dunlavin March 4th 1787 and buried Dunlavin July 14th 1788. Jane Fisher. Buried Dunlavin May 17th 1789. Thomas Fisher. Catherine Fisher. Married Dunlavin April 7th 1812 William Wilson.

Back one generation. George Fisher, of Merginstown House. Baptised Dunlavin October 17th 1782. Married at Dunlavin August 31st 1812 Jane Wilson (born c. 1792; died May 2nd 1864). Died Dunlavin April 7th 1864. Issue: Thomas Edward Fisher. Baptised Dunlavin October 12th 1813. Richard Fisher. Mary Anne Fisher. Baptised Dunlavin August 11th 1816. Jane Fisher. Baptised Dunlavin March 1st 1818 ('daughter of Anne'). Edward Fisher. Baptised Dunlavin January 31st 1820 and buried Dunlavin June 6th 1873? Catherine Anne Fisher. Baptised Dunlavin June 3rd 1822. Married 1stly Frederick Budds of Timogue House, Queen's Co. Married 2ndly (as his 2nd wife) Thomas Turpin of Greystones(3), Maryborough, Attorney and Under-Sheriff, Queen's Co., Patron of Holywood, Co. Down (born 1807; married 1stly in 1830 his cousin Elizabeth, elder daughter of John Clarke, alias Cromwell, Governor of Maryborough Prison; died April 30th 1891). Died August 3rd 1900. No issue. Henry Wilson Fisher. George Thomas Fisher. William Samuel Fisher. Eliza Frances Fisher. Baptised Dunlavin February 5th 1831. John Fisher. Samuel Fisher. Born c. 1839. Possibly the Samuel Robert Fisher of Merginstown Glen who married in 1873 Frances Adelaide Valentine (died 1919), daughter of Thomas Allen Valentine and Harriet Wilson. Died December 31st 1873 and buried at Dunlavin.

Back one generation. Richard Fisher, of Toberbeg. Baptised Dunlavin November 13th 1814. Married Mary Ann Morris (born c. 1820; died 1903?), 2nd daughter of Francis Morris. Died June 20th 1875. Issue: Anne Fisher. Baptised Dunlavin July 11th 1842 ('daughter of Margaret'). George Fisher. Baptised Dunlavin March 11th 1845. Jane Fisher. Baptised Dunlavin March 9th 1847. Francis Morris Fisher. Baptised Dunlavin 1848. Richard Fisher. Baptised Dunlavin December 29th 1849. Eliza Ellen Fisher. Baptised Dunlavin August 27th 1851. William Richardson or Huntingdon Fisher. Baptised Dunlavin October 20th 1855 and buried Dunlavin May 16th 1856.

Back one generation. Henry Wilson Fisher, L.R.C.S.I, of Baltinglass, Co. Wicklow. Baptised Dunlavin February 21st 1823. Married 1857 Catherine Johnston, 4th daughter and co-heiress of John Johnston, L.R.C.S.I., of Baltinglass, and his wife Anne Rawson, only daughter of Henry Rawson(4) of Baltinglass House. Died July 15th 1862. Issue, an only daughter: Elizabeth Kate Fisher. Baptised Dunlavin October 9th 1860. Married April 17th 1884 Horace Turpin (born April 20th 1860 and died November 23rd 1933) of Greystones, Maryborough, Queen's Co., solicitor, Vice-President I.L.S.I., Registrar of Titles for Queen's Co., Law Advisor to Queen's Co. Council, youngest son of John Turpin (born 1800; educated Trinity College, Dublin; died 1867) of Youngrove and Sandyhill, Co. Cork, headmaster of Midleton College, and his wife Sarah Jane Fitzgerald (died 1870), daughter of Robert Fitzgerald(5), of Maryborough, solicitor. Died July 9th 1955. Issue: Thomas Keith Turpin. Born January 18th 1885. Educated Cheltenham College and Trinity College, Dublin. Married Maud Adelaide Otway Hatchell (died April 3rd 1952), daughter of Joseph Henry Hatchell(6), F.R.S.C.P.I., and great-grandniece of the Rt.Hon. John Hatchell, P.C., Q.C., M.P., Attorney General of Ireland. Died August 27th 1945. No issue. Ida Mabel Turpin. Born November 27th 1886. Educated Cheltenham Ladies College. Married September 8th 1909 Lt.Col. Stephen Hamilton Dix, M.C., Prince of Wales's Leinster Regiment, (born August 20th 1878 and killed in action October 4th 1917), younger son of Stephen Dix(7) (born December 29th 1834 and died January 19th 1880) of East Wickham, Kent, General Superintendent of the Royal Mail Steam Packet Line, and his wife Annie Marina Augusta Douglas-Hamilton (died October 9th 1900), elder daughter and in her issue eventual heir of Frederic Douglas-Hamilton(8), H.M. Diplomatic Service. Died August 24th 1930. Issue: Michael Lewes Dix Hamilton. Born July 3rd 1910. Captain, Lovat Scouts; admitted a solicitor 1936, Assistant Solicitor G.W.R. 1936-47; Resident Solicitor to the National Provincial Bank from 1947. Assumed the additional surname of Hamilton by Deed Poll on June 7th 1940. Married October 23rd 1943 Mabel Evelyn Selina Mary Woodburn, 3rd daughter of William Young Woodburn, M.D., of Southsea, Hampshire, and his wife Lady Mabel Evelyn Selina Mary Foljambe, 3rd daughter of the 1st Earl of Liverpool. Issue: Stephen Alexander Michael Dix Hamilton. Born January 22nd 1947. Educated Eton College. Selina Mary Dix Hamilton. Born December 3rd 1944. Elizabeth Medley Dix Hamilton. Born January 22nd 1947. John Dix. Born August 16th 1914. Married June 6th 1953 Anne Hilda Catherine Carew, only child of Major the Hon. Gavin George Carew(9), M.B.E., T.D., of Glanteify, Callan, Lampeter, Cardiganshire. Issue: Julia Anne Dix. Born August 19th 1954. Stephen Gavin Dix. Born September 11th 1955. Anita Frances Dix. Born March 11th 1957. Eileen Fitzgerald Turpin. Born May 17th 1891. Married 1stly March 10th 1915 (dissolved by divorce 1933) Hugh Kingsmill Lunn (died July 1941), 2nd son of Sir Henry Simpson Lunn, M.D., and his wife Mary Ethel Moore, daughter of the Rev. Canon Thomas Moore, LL.D., Rector of Midleton and Precentor of Cloyne. Married 2ndly September 30th 1935 Joseph Warland (died April 21st 1950, having had no issue), Director General of the Royal Treasury at Brussels, son of Jean Warland, of Anthesne, near Liege, Belgium. Issue from 1st marriage: (Daughter). Marjorie Turpin. Born September 20th 1894. Educated Cheltenham Ladies College. Horace Turpin of Greystones, Maryborough, Queen's Co. Born December 28th 1901. Educated Repton. Admitted a solicitor 1927.

Back one generation. George Thomas Fisher. Baptised Dunlavin November 18th 1827. Married Elizabeth Molyneux (born 1850 and died May 9th 1922), daughter of John Molyneux. Died August 8th 1889 and buried at Dunlavin. Issue: George Edward Fisher. Mary Elizabeth Fisher. Baptised Dunlavin March 26th 1875. Possibly married in Egypt in 1908 William Valentine Shearer, an engineer at the Aswan Dam, son of George Shearer and Jane Valentine. Issue: George Harold Shearer. Marjorie Shearer. Jane Fisher. Born Dunlavin March 29th 1876. John Thomas Fisher. Nannie Fisher. Born Dunlavin August 18th 1880. Thomas Henry Fisher. Born Dunlavin February 19th 1883. Died unmarried. Henry Wilson Fisher. Born Dunlavin June 7th 1887. Died unmarried.

Back one generation. George Edward Fisher, of Merginstown House. Born 1873. Married Anna Jones. Died September 18th 1956 and buried at Dunlavin. Issue: Neville Fisher. George Desmond Fisher. Joan Fisher. Born 1930. Married 1955 Andrew Moore (born 1922). Issue: Michael Moore. Married Bernadette Dunne. Issue: Karen Moore. Alison Moore. George Moore. Andrew Moore. David Moore. Dermot Moore. Peter Moore.

Back one generation. Neville Fisher. Born 1928. Married Rita Germaine. Issue: Geraldine Fisher. Married Donald Harrington. Issue: Gail Harrington. Colin Harrington. Michael Fisher. Anna Fisher. Married Gerry Furlong. Issue: Grace Furlong. George Fisher. Neville Fisher.

Back one generation. George Desmond Fisher. Born 1930. Married 1955 Eileen Bright (born 1928). The last of the Fisher family to live at Merginstown, having sold the property to a German family in 1961. Issue: George William Fisher.

Back one generation. George William Fisher. Born at Merginstown House 1957. Married 1981 Diana Goodhand and divorced 1993. Issue: Daniel George Fisher. Born 1982. Katherine Fay Fisher. Born 1986. James William Fisher. Born August 11th 1989.

Back one generation. John Thomas Fisher. Born November 5th 1878. Married Caroline Burgess. Issue: Dudley Fisher. Hilda Fisher. Married Gerald Murtagh. Issue: Barttley Murtagh. Rosalind Murtagh. Audrey Murtagh. Gerald Murtagh. Dorothy Fisher.

Back one generation. Dudley Fisher. Married Lena Manley. Issue: Alan Fisher. David Fisher. Brian Fisher. Maeve Fisher.

Back one generation. William Samuel Fisher, of Crehelp Lodge. Baptised Dunlavin May 31st 1829. Married at the Parish Church, Monkstown, Co. Dublin, June 4th (?) 1862 Charlotte Budds, daughter of Thomas Budds, Esq. Died 1898. Issue: George Fisher. Baptised Dunlavin April 9th 1864.

Back one generation. John Fisher. Inspector General of His Majesty's Hospitals and Fleets from 1887; served in the Baltic 1854-55. Born Dunlavin November 4th 1832. Married Susan Elizabeth Heath. Died London January 31st 1913. Issue: Sophia Helena Fisher. Born May 2nd 1868 at Gloucester Square, Dublin. George Heath Fisher. John Jocelyn Fisher. Bank Manager. Died London May 18th 1911. Herbert Wortley Fisher.

Back one generation. Thomas Fisher, of Coonanstown. Born c. 1782. Married Jane Wilson (baptised Donoughmore, Co. Wicklow, February 2nd 1788; died Dunlavin September 26th 1854), daughter of John Wilson of Knockenarragan and his wife Mary Valentine. Died Dunlavin November 21st 1847. Issue: Jane Fisher. Baptised Dunlavin October 9th 1809. Married at Dunlavin April 29th 1827 William Molyneux of Loughmogue (died 1846). Issue: Robert William Molyneux. Born March 15th 1832 and baptised at Dunlavin on April 24th following. Thomas Molyneux. Born April 21st 1834. Married Emily - (died November 1879, aged 42). Died January 1894. Issue: Ellen J. Molyneux. Married - Byrne. Died August 1926, aged 59. Issue: Ellen J. Byrne. Died August 1898, aged 5. Jane Molyneux. Baptised at Dunlavin April 21st 1837. Ellen Molyneux. Baptised at Dunlavin April 30th 1838. Rebecca Maria Molyneux. Baptised at Dunlavin March 28th 1842. Richard Molyneux. Born April 8th 1844. Maria Molyneux. Born after her father's death October 3rd 1846. John Fisher. Baptised Dunlavin January 11th 1811. Died March 17th 1851? Mary Fisher. Baptised Dunlavin October 5th 1812. Married at Dunlavin January 6th 1848 Joseph Molyneux (born 1810). Issue: Thomas Molyneux, J.P. Born 1855. Married 1883 Mary Grace Holister Furney, daughter of Benjamin Furney and his wife Grace Holister. Issue: Grace Molyneux. Born December 5th 1918 Married Cyril Stronge. Benjamin Molyneux. Married Pearl Stronge. Issue: Peter (?) Molyneux. Born 1917. Died March 17th 1984. Ernest Thomas Molyneux. Born June 18th 1894. There is an oak plate in Dunlavin Church 'To the glory of God and in loving memory of Ernest T. Molyneux, the gift of his wife and family, 1957'. Married June 1923 Marjorie Hannon (born July 31st 1896 and died September 1977). Died June 26th 1956. Issue: Marjorie (Joy) Molyneux. Born October 17th 1924. Married 1stly January 4th 1950 Anthony Mervyn Sandys Hanan (born May 5th 1923 and died April 1st 1972). Married 2ndly October 30th 1978 Frederick Hoy (born June 6th 1914 and died April 5th 1987). Issue from 1st marriage: Heather Hanan. Born June 9th 1952. Married October 21st 1988 Kenneth Brown (born February 6th 1947). Issue: Alison Brown. Born September 5th 1990. Simon Brown. Born March 25th1992. Gillian Hanan. Born December 10th 1953. Married January 8th 19-- Bruce Misstear (born February 3rd 1953). Issue: Karen Misstear. Born June 14th 1981. David Misstear. Born July 21st 1983. Robin Hanan. Born January 13th 1956. Educated Trinity College, Dublin. Married May 19th 1989 Kathleen Connolly (born August 24th 1957). Issue: Maeve Hanan. Born November 6th 1990. Eoin Hanan. Born February 18th 1993. Rosemary Molyneux. Born July 6th 1926. Married September 8th 1954 Basil G. Kearon (born March 27th 1913 and died September 15th 1978). Issue: Graham Kearon. Born August 21st 1955. Married June 25th 1981 Geraldine Sherry (born October 1st 1954). Issue: Jess Kearon. Born January 11th 1984. Eleanor Kearon. Born May 26th 1985. Clive Kearon. Born May 2nd 1957. Married May 4th 1986 Gillian Hogan (born September 1957). Issue: Ben Kearon. Born July 13th 1987. Chloe Kearon. Born August 15th 1989. Rebecca Kearon. Born December 8th 1991. Nicola Kearon. Born February 28th 1960. Married August 28th 1982 Mark McCormick (born February 29th 1956). Issue: Kate McCormick. Born September 26th 1985. Neil McCormick. Born June 11th 1987. David McCormick. Born May 28th 1992. Maeve Molyneux. Born December 4th 1927. Married November 24th 1955 Aubrey Kay. Issue: Ian Kay. Born October 6th 1956. Married June 17th 1982 Carol Betty Sawyer. Issue: Sara Kay. Born January 5th 1985. Hannah Kay. Born October 4th 1988. Naomi Kay. Born February 21st 1991. Ruth Kay. Born December 2nd 1958. Married July 28th 1984 Stephen Foster Redmayne. Issue: Timothy Redmayne. Born November 21st 1985. Benjamin Redmayne. Born November 26th 1987. Matthew Redmayne. Born December 2nd 1990. Martha Redmayne. Born January 27th 1993. Kristy Kay. Born April 12th 1962. Married April 12th 1986 Graham Leach. Issue: Abigail Frances Leach. Born May 12th 1993. Alister Kay. Born January 19th 1966. Thomas Gordon Molyneux. Born March 25th 1936. Married 1stly Christa Zickler (marriage dissolved). Married 2ndly Wendy Ann Pocock (born September 13th 1935). Issue from 1st marriage: Hugh Thomas Ernest Molyneux. Born June 7th 1964. Married Susie Malik. Issue: Jessa Molyneux. Born May 1991. Sonja Molyneux. Born April 17th 1994. Stefan Basil Molyneux. Born September 26th 1966. Katherine Ann Molyneux. Born July 25th 1977. Richard Molyneux. Elizabeth Molyneux. Rebecca Fisher. Baptised Dunlavin August 16th 1814. Married at Dunlavin June 30th 1853 Pierce Archer. Hannah Fisher. Baptised Dunlavin December 15th 1816. Married at Dunlavin April 11th? 1846 Joseph Pollard. Richard Fisher. Baptised Dunlavin September 27th 1818. Died June 17th 1822. Edward Thomas Fisher. Richard Fisher. William Fisher. Baptised Dunlavin January 16th 1825. Catherine Fisher. Baptised Dunlavin December 17th 1827. Died July 13th 1849. George Fisher. Baptised Dunlavin August 27th 1828.

Back one generation. Edward Thomas Fisher, of Friarshill. Farmer. Born November 17th 1820. Married by licence 1857 Jane Gaucher. Issue: Thomas Fisher. Baptised Dunlavin October 10th 1858. Sarah Anne Fisher. Baptised Dunlavin July 29th 1860. Jane Fisher. Baptised Dunlavin September 3rd 1862. Edward Luke Fisher. Baptised Dunlavin November 6th 1864. William Fisher. Baptised Dunlavin March 24th 1866. John Fisher. Baptised Dunlavin April 20th 1868. George Fisher. Baptised Dunlavin July 10th 1870. Maria Fisher. Baptised Dunlavin August 6th 1872. Kate Fisher. Baptised Dunlavin January 10th 1875. Rebecca Fisher. Baptised Dunlavin December 7th 1876.

Back one generation. Richard Fisher. Born January 29th 1823. Married Dunlavin December 22nd 1857 Anne Bodey (died May 12th 1897), daughter of George Bodey of Glenealy and his first wife Alicia Molyneux. Issue: Thomas Fisher. George Fisher. Saddler. Born November 2nd 1862. Died unmarried April 18th 1889. Alicia Jane Fisher. Born February 20th 1867. Died 1887. Anne Hannah Fisher. Born May 1st 1871. Died January 5th 1881. Richard Fisher. Born February 17th 1874. Living 1902.

Back one generation.

Dunlavin memorial Thomas Fisher. Born August 5th 1859 at Dunlavin, Co. Wicklow, and baptised October 2nd at Dunlavin Church of Ireland Parish Church. Married at Rutland Square Presbyterian Church, Dublin, June 8th 1889 Susanna Hosford (baptised December 14th 1851 at the Scot's Presbyterian Church in Bandon Bridge, Co. Cork; died January 3rd 1934 and buried at Dunlavin), daughter of Samuel Hosford(10) and his wife Ellen McCarthy. Died May 4th 1939 and buried at Dunlavin. Issue: Harold (Noel) Fisher. Olive Fisher. Born May 30th 1890. Died November 16th 1907. Muriel Fisher. Born May 30th 1890. Died May 8th 1931. Lt. Col. Claude Percy Fisher.

Back one generation. Harold (Noel) Fisher. Born 1891. Educated Wesley College, Dublin. Married Josephine Keogh, widow of Thomas Norton. Died 1960. Issue, an only son: Harold Fisher.

Back one generation. Harold Fisher. Born 1935. Married Anne Walsh. Issue: Harold Fisher. David Fisher. Born June 18th 1961. Susan Mary Fisher. Born May 7th 1962. Thomas Fisher. Born May 26th 1963. Anne Marie Fisher. Born October 16th 1964. Robert Fisher. Born September 22nd 1965. John Fisher. Born December 16th 1967.

Back one generation. Harold Fisher. Born April 12th 1960. Married Catherine Keogh. Issue: Stephen Fisher.

Back one generation.

WWI medal card Lieutenant Colonel Claude Percy Fisher, R.A.V.C., M.R.C.V.S., knight 3rd and 4th Class of the Order of the Nile, mentioned in despatches, sometime chairman Poulton Parish Council. Born March 12th 1893 at Dunlavin, Co. Wicklow, and baptised at Dunlavin Church of Ireland Parish Church. Educated Wesley College, Dublin and Trinity College. Married at the church of the Holy Trinity, Kensington Gore, Middlesex, April 20th 1929 Joan Wrangham (born January 22nd 1899 at The Holme, Portarlington Road, Bournemouth, and baptised March 27th at the parish church of Saint Michael, Bournemouth; died January 25th 1992 in Cirencester and buried January 31st at Poulton Parish Church), daughter of Thomas Harris Wrangham and his wife Louisa Sennett. Died September 14th 1985 in Cirencester, Gloucestershire, and buried in Poulton Parish Church. Issue, an only daughter: Sheelah Louise Fisher. Born October 21st 1931 at 8 Avonmore Mansions, North East Fulham, London, and baptised on December 16th at the parish of the Holy Trinity with All Saints, Kensington Gore. Educated Lanherne House (Dawlish, Devonshire, 1940-44), Cheltenham Ladies College (1944 to Easter 1949), Saint Hilda's College, Oxford University, and Chelsea Polytechnic, London. Granted the following Arms for Fisher on October 21st 1993 (by the Earl Marshal's warrant dated December 1st 1992): Argent, two bars wavy between three horseshoes reversed Sable; the Arms to be borne by Sheelah Louise Fisher de Avendaño and by her descendants and to be placed on a memorial or otherwise displayed to the memory of her late father. Married at the Church of Saint James, Spanish Place, Manchester Square, Saint Marylebone, November 24th 1956 señor don José Luis de Avendaño y Porrúa (born November 20th 1915 in Santander, Spain, and died September 21st 1967 in Madrid), journalist and London correspondent, commander of the orders of Isabella the Catholic and Civil Merit, elder son of don Luis de Avendaño y Conte(11) (born Santander March 21st 1887 and died Santander November 21st 1933) and his wife doña Josefa Porrúa de Agüeros (born Santander April 3rd 1890 and died Santander November 23rd 1918). Died 8.40 a.m. on March 1st 1996 at the Hospital Universitario de San Carlos (Clínico), Madrid, and buried the following March 9th in the Avendaño family grave at Ciriego Cemetery, Santander(12). Issue: Luis de Avendaño. Born in London on September 25th 1957 and baptised at the church of Our Most Holy Redeemer and Saint Thomas More, Cheyne Row, Chelsea SW3. Educated at the French Lycee, London, and Runnymede College, Madrid. Served 1978-81 3rd Battalion Royal Anglian Regiment. Married Victoria Gillen, only daughter of Henry Gillen and Rosemary Jenison. Issue: Michael Henry de Avendaño. Born in Madrid on August 9th 2004. Miguel de Avendaño, M.R.A.C. Born in London on March 22nd 1960 and baptised April 10th at the church of Our Most Holy Redeemer and Saint Thomas More, Cheyne Row, Chelsea SW3. Educated University College, London, 1979-80, and the Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester, 1986-88. Married at the church of Santiago de los Caballeros, Cáceres, Spain, October 25th 1997 Rocío Ramírez de Haro y Alós, eldest daughter of don Juan Ramírez de Haro y Ulloa, II Marqués de Cambil and III Conde de Villamarciel, and doña Carmen de Alós y Merry del Val. Sylvia de Sienes. Born in Madrid December 31st 1971. Issue: Carlotta Spinelli. Born in Rome on June 17th 2004.

Back one generation. John Fisher of Newtown, Co. Kildare. Born c. 1772. Married 1806 Frances Johnston. Issue: John Fisher. Baptised Dunlavin January 1st 1807. Died September 25th 1845? Jane Fisher. Baptised Dunlavin February 24th 1808. Died March 5th 1808. Richard Fisher. Baptised Dunlavin April 24th 1809. Christopher Johnson Fisher. Baptised Dunlavin June 30th 1810. Died April 16th 1833. Hariot Fisher. Baptised Dunlavin July 23rd 1812. Jane Fisher. Baptised Dunlavin August 11th 1814. Died October 20th 1819. Frances Fisher. Baptised Dunlavin December 29th 1816. Richard Fisher. Baptised Dunlavin August 18th 1819. Died September 1820. Catherine Fisher. Baptised Dunlavin May 13th 1821. George Henry Fisher.

Back one generation. George Henry Fisher. Baptised Dunlavin November 30th 1826. Married Mary Ann -. Issue: William Thomas Fisher. Baptised Dunlavin February 15th 1852. Catherine Fisher. Baptised Dunlavin April 29th 1854. Jane Fisher. Baptised Dunlavin February 26th 1859. Died at Dunlavin October 23rd 1862. Rebecca Fisher. Baptised Dunlavin September 28th 1861. Albert Edward Fisher. Baptised Dunlavin November 8th 1865.


1. All references to baptisms, marriages and burials in Ireland are according to the rites of the Church of Ireland unless otherwise specified.

2. Essington. Henry Essington, gent. Demised 420 acres in Clonee, Dunboyne, Co. Meath by Charles Lord Shelburne in 1693 (RD 40/321/26068); Died before 1721 (RD 31/164/18529), the lands of Clonee having been formerly in his possession (18th and 19th July 1723, RD 40/12/23860).
He married 1stly by licence (from the Bishop of Dublin) in 1670 Jane Whittle. He married 2ndly in Saint John's, Dublin, July 6th 1676 Letitia Yates. Issue: Richard (see below); Henry, 2nd son (RD 31/164/18529), of Dunlavin, gent. (Prerog. will 1743); William (RD 8/376/2959), sub-Sheriff of Co. Dublin 1726 (RD 50/198/32604); Mary, married at Saint Nicholas Without, Dublin, October 20th 1708 Joseph Liffsley (of Dublin, merchant, whose will was proved at the Prerogative court in 1722); Elizabeth, married at Saint Nicholas Without March 30th 1712 John Edkins.
Richard Essington, of Tubber, gent. Married by licence (from the Bishop of Dublin) at Saint Nicholas Without April 13th 1705/06 Elizabeth Ward, of New Market. Issue: Ann, married Joseph Wills, of the City of Dublin, gent.; Letitia, buried at Saint Nicholas Without March 3rd 1706/07; Richard, buried at Saint Nicholas Without February 15th 1707/08; William, buried at Saint Nicholas Without February 19th 1708/09; Jane, buried at Saint Nicholas Without February 27th 1708/09; Rebecca, married John Fisher; Mary, married John Ward, of Gilltown, Co. Kildare, gent., with issue a son, Richard Ward (aged about 12, 21st and 22nd March 1750, RD 144/430/98192); Elizabeth, spinster (10th and 11th July 1740, RD 98/523/69331); William, eldest son and heir apparent (11th and 12th July 1740, RD 100/50/69496), of Clonee, Esq..

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10. Hosford. John Hosford, farmer. Issue: Samuel Hosford (see below).
Samuel Hosford. Married at the Scot's Church (Presbyterian), Bandon Bridge, January 30th 1851 Ellen McCarthy (died at Dublin 1897) of Bandon, daughter of Daniel McCarthy. Issue, all baptised at the Scot's Church, Bandon:
Susanna, married Thomas Fisher; John, born 1853 and baptised July 27th of the same year; Elizabeth, born August 30th 1855, baptised September 16th of the same year and died in Dublin May 20th 1880; Catherine Anne, born at Bandon August 24th 1857, baptised September 13th of the same year and died in Dublin in 1943; Ellen Anne, a nurse, born December 20th 1860, baptised January 22nd 1861 (?) and died in Dublin June 23rd 1892; Samuel Terrence, born September 18th 1862, baptised September 28th of the same year and died at Corkagh, Co. Dublin, November 15th 1872; Joseph (see below).
Joseph Hosford. Accountant. Born Bandon Dispensary December 28th 1864 and baptised January 15th 1865. Married Georgina -. A member of the Irish Volunteer Defence Corps (a British Army unit). Killed by rebels on Easter Monday, 1916, at the junctions of Northumberland and Haddington roads, Dublin.

11. 25th in descent from King Henry II of England.

12. Death notices in The Times, Daily Telegraph and ABC, March 9th 1996.

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