Family Tree of Oswald Wrangham

of Witton Gilbert, Co. Durham, England

part I

by Miguel de Avendaño

Oswald Wrangham of the parish of Witton Gilbert, Co. Durham, and subsequently of Lumley, parish of Chester-le-Street? Possibly married 2ndly (his first wife, 'uxor Oswoldi Wrangham de Lomley', having been buried at Chester-le-Street January 28th 1598/99) at Chester-le-Street June 2nd 1600 Jane Wilkinson (who may be the 'Vidua Wrangham' who married 2ndly at Chester-le-Street January 3rd 1610/11 William Curry(1)). Buried at Chester-le-Street September 15th 1610 ('Oswoldus Wrangham de Lomley'). Issue:

1. Richard Wrangham of Langton on the Wolds, East Riding of York, yeoman and milner. Possibly the Richard Wrangham baptised February 3rd 1572 at Witton Gilbert, Co. Durham, son of Oswald Wrangham. Married Elizabeth - ('the wife of Richard Wrangham', buried July 24th 1634 at Langton). Purchased land at Langton Michaelmas term 9 James I (1611) and Michaelmas term 17 James I (1619)(2). Mentioned as a defendant in the records of the Court of Star Chamber in the reign of James I(3). Died in Langton on the Wolds March 10th 1635/6. Administration granted to his brother John Wrangham of 'Lumbley', Co. Durham, at the Prerogative Court of York, March 11th 1635/6. Inquisition Post Mortem dated 13 Charles I (1637), naming his brother John Wrangham as his heir(4).

2. John Wrangham.

Back one generation

2. John Wrangham of Lumley, Co. Durham. Possibly the John Wrangham baptised November 23rd 1578 at Witton Gilbert, son of Oswald Wrangham. A parish constable in 1641/42?(5) Possibly the John Wrangham who married at Chester-le-Street, October 12th 1613 Isabella or Elizabeth Acheson. Named as the heir of his brother Richard Wrangham of Langton in the Inquisition Post Mortem dated 13 Charles I (1637). Issue:

2.1. Robert Wrangham.

2.2. Anne Wrangham. Baptised September 29th 1616 at Chester-le-Street ('fil. John Wranham de Lumley'). Possibly the Anne Wrangham who married John Seller (buried September 16th 1662 at Langton?) and is mentioned in the will of her brother Robert Wrangham of Langton, dated April 15th 1678. Buried at Langton January 25th 1680? Issue:

2.2.1. Robert Seller. Mentioned in his uncle Robert Wrangham's will, dated April 15th 1678.

2.3. John Wrangham. Baptised February 7th 1619/20 at Chester-le-Street.

2.4. Jane Wrangham. Baptised June 15th 1623 at Chester-le-Street. Possibly the Jane Wrangham who married at Chester-le-Street June 23rd 1653 John Pilkington. Possible issue:

2.4.1. John Pilkington. Baptised March 19th 1654 at Chester-le-Street.

2.4.2. Richard Pilkington. Baptised May 11th 1656 at Chester-le-Street.

2.5. Richard Wrangham. Baptised September 4th 1625 at Chester-le-Street. Possibly the Richard Wrangham buried at Chester-le-Street November 6th 1625.

2.6. Oswald Wrangham. Baptised November 5th 1626 at Chester-le-Street. Probably the 'Ouswan Wrangham' who married at Chester-le-Street April 8th 1656 Isabell Hall. Issue:

2.6.1. Robert Wrangham. Baptised September 18th 1664 at Chester-le-Street.

Back one generation.

2.1. Robert Wrangham(6) of Langton, husbandman(7). Possibly the Robert Wrangham baptised October 9th 1614 at Chester-le-Street, Co. Durham. Married at Norton July 16th 1643 Ellen Coates (baptised January 16th 1619/20 at Norton and buried March 31st 1691 at Langton), daughter of Raiphe Coates and his wife Isabel (probably the Isabel Coates who was buried January 24th 1658/9 at Langton)(8). Buried at Langton April 17th 1678. Will dated April 15th 1678; probate granted at York September 19th 1678. Issue:

2.1.1. George Wrangham.

2.1.2. Elizabeth Wrangham. Born May 22nd and baptised May 24th 1657 at Langton. Married at Langton July 25th 1681 Thomas Waller.

2.1.3. Robert Wrangham. Baptised March 31st 1662 at Langton. Buried at Langton January 3rd 1684.

2.1.4. John Wrangham. Buried at Langton February 6th 1667/8.

2.1.5. Anne Wrangham. Mentioned in her father's will.

Back one generation.

2.1.1. George Wrangham of Langton, yeoman(9). Married 1stly at Wintringham November 4th 1679 Frances Metcalfe (who was buried October 10th 1680 at Langton). Married 2ndly Anna or Hannah Southeran (baptised June 28th 1659 at Oswaldkirk and buried November 15th 1730 at Langton), daughter of John Southeran and his wife Elizabeth Denison(10). Buried at Langton December 2nd 1730. Issue: George Wrangham. Baptised November 19th 1683 at Langton. Buried at Langton October 23rd 1727. Elizabeth Wrangham. Baptised January 12th 1685/6 at Langton. Buried at Langton October 2nd 1706. Robert Wrangham. Baptised July 31st 1688 at Langton. Buried at Langton August 11th 1688. John Wrangham. Anna Wrangham. Baptised December 15th 1692 at Langton. Sarah Wrangham. Baptised August 31st 16-- at Langton. Married at Langton July 14th 1715 Richard Stephenson of Birdsall, yeoman, son of Richard Stephenson. Robert Wrangham. Baptised October 5th 1699 at Langton. Buried at Langton July 12th 1701.

Back one generation. John Wrangham of Langton and New Malton. Variously described as yeoman(11), gentleman(12), husbandman(13), and innholder(14). Baptised October 10th 1689 at Langton. Married 1stly at Middleton by Pickering May 7th 1711 Esther Stonehouse (buried May 19th 1720 at Langton), daughter of Richard Stonehouse (buried November 11th 1718 at Middleton), yeoman, and his wife Christian (buried August 13th 1724 at Langton)(15). Married 2ndly at Saint Mary and Saint Nicholas, Beverley, February 18th 1723 Hannah Walker, daughter of William Johnson of Leavening (or Leven?), yeoman, and widow of - Walker. Voted as a freeholder in 1741 (as recorded in the Poll Book for the County of York)(16). Buried at Fridaythorpe January 27th 1763. Issue from 1st marriage: Richard Wrangham. Robert Wrangham of New Malton, grocer(17). Baptised February 9th 1713/4 at Langton. Apprenticed in 1731 to Matthew Lister of New Malton, grocer &c., for 10 pounds. Married by licence (Peculiar Jurisdiction of the Dean and Chapter of York) at Saint Michael le Belfry, York, March 11th 1739 Mary Lumley (born c. 1714) of Dalby. Buried at Saint Michael's, New Malton, June 21st 1752. John Wrangham of New Malton, glover(18). Baptised October 20th 1715 at Langton. Married at Great Edstone July 25th 1745 Mary Atkinson. Probably the 'John Wrangham from Malton' buried September 16th 1787 at Langton. William Wrangham. Baptised July 1st 1717 at Langton. Buried August 31st 1720 at Langton. George Wrangham. Baptised March 10th 1718/19 at Langton. Buried December 17th 1720 at Langton.

Issue from 2nd marriage: Elizabeth Wrangham. Baptised March 1st 1724/25 at Langton. Buried January 20th 1742/43 at Langton. Ann Wrangham. Baptised November 1st 1727 at Langton. Buried April 27th 1742 at Langton. William Wrangham. Baptised February 8th 1730/31 at Langton. Apprenticed in 1746 to Thomas Boreman of New Malton, mercer. Sarah Wrangham. Baptised February 8th 1730/31 at Langton. Married at Saint Mary and Saint Nicholas, Beverley, September 24th 1758 John Loftus. Ellen Wrangham. Baptised November 2nd 1733 at Langton.

Back one generation. Richard Wrangham of Langton. Variously described as gentleman(19), yeoman(20), and husbandman(21). Baptised August 17th 1712 at Langton. Married at Langton December 15th 1739 Phyllis Creaser (buried May 17th 1797 at Wharram Percy). Voted as a freeholder in 1741 (as recorded in the Poll Book for the County of York)(22). Buried February 14th 1795 at Wharram Percy. Issue: Anne Wrangham. Baptised November 28th 1740 at Langton. Buried June 28th 1755 at Wharram Percy. George Wrangham. Esther Wrangham. Baptised July 6th 1743 at Langton. Married 1stly by licence at Thorpe Bassett June 15th 1781 the Reverend Matthew Cook(23), vicar of Skipsea. Married 2ndly at Folkton July 26th 1792 the Reverend George Hicks Paul of Seaton Hall (baptised February 21st 1725 at Bridlington?), Rector of Catwick, son of Francis Paul. Portraits of both Esther Wrangham and her second husband were in possession of Canon John Francis Wrangham Hardy until his death in 199-. Will dated December 7th 1825; probate granted at York June 19th 1827. No issue. Richard Wrangham. Gentleman(24), yeoman(25). Baptised July 1745 at Langton. Marriedby banns at Thorpe Bassett May 31st 1774 Grace Barker (will dated December 16th 1832; died October 1st 1837; probate granted October 25th 1837). Will dated September 21st 1826. Robert Wrangham. Gentleman(26), farmer. Baptised March 6th 1746/7 at Langton. Married 1stly 1778 Maria Whitehead. Married 2ndly by licence (Archbishop of York) at Birdsall February 16th 1796 Jane Brigham. Issue from 1st marriage: William Wrangham. Baptised March 11th 1779 at Huttons Ambo.

Issue from 2nd marriage: William Wrangham. Baptised May 15th 1796 at Birdsall. John Wrangham. William Wrangham. Baptised November 15th 1750 at Langton. Buried July 21st 1778 at Wharram Percy. Phyllis Wrangham. Baptised April 1st 1753 at Langton. Buried March 22nd 1764 at Wharram Percy. Joseph Wrangham of Flotmanby. Gentleman(27). Captain of Militia (September 15th 1803), Harford and Derwent Dale(28). Baptised November 14th 1755 at Wharram Percy. Unmarried. Will dated November 15th 1828. Buried August 22nd 1829 at Wharram Percy. 'As a curious illustration of the difference in ideas of comfort or luxury between that time and the present, we may remark that... Joseph Wrangham of Flotmanby was the first householder in the district who had carpets to his floors. The richer class had the floors waxed and the poorer used sand or rushes. Many were the visitors who called to see this innovation and numerous the remarks on the so called extravagance.'(29)

Back one generation. George Wrangham. Yeoman(30), gentleman(31). Baptised March 22nd 1741 at Langton. Married 1stly by licence (Peculiar Jurisdiction of the Dean and Chapter of York) at Fridaythorpe July 19th 1769 Anne Fallowfield (who died in childbirth). Married 2ndly at Sherburn near Scarborough June 12th 1774 Margaret, widow of John Boyes, late of Ganton, yeoman. Will dated June 15th 1790. His son 'the Archdeacon caused a marble tablet to be fixed in the church at Wharram Percy "to preserve from oblivion the name of George Wrangham, of Raisthorpe, in the parish, whose memory after nearly 50 years separation is still most tenderly cherished. This marble is erected in 1839 by the grateful love and veneration of his only child Archdeacon Wrangham. He died in 1791, aged 49, and now sleeps amongst his kindred in the adjoining churchyard"'(32). Issue, an only son: The Venerable Francis Wrangham, M.A., F.R.S.


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