Family Tree of John Sennett

of Southwark, Surrey, England

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1. Died October 12th 1856 at 48 Castle Street, Saint Saviour, Southwark, aged 62.

2. Cornelius Bradley, a bricklayer or mason's labourer from the parish of Saint George, Southwark, was born in Ireland around l789. He married in l825 at Saint Mary, Newington, Ann Cokeley who was born in Ireland around 1810, and whose parents were deceased by the time of her marriage. They had two children: Eleanor or Ellen, born in the parish of Saint George, Southwark in early 1837, and James, born at 7 John's Place, London Street, London Road, also in the parish of Saint George, on June 18th 1839.

3. Son of Oliver Thorne, Carriage Builder.

4. Whose sister married Sir William Heinemann. sennett.php
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