Family Trees:

Juan de Avendaño, of Liendo, Cantabria, Spain. 16th century. (in Spanish)

Pierre Conte-Bergerou, of Monein, Béarn, France. 18th century. (up soon in Spanish)

Edward Fisher, of Dunlavin, Co. Wicklow, Ireland. 18th century.

Luis Porrúa, of Cuerres, Asturias, Spain. 17th century. (up soon in Spanish)

John Sennett, of Southwark, Surrey, England. 18th century.

Oswald Wrangham, of Witton Gilbert, Co. Durham, England. 16th century.


Census of the valley of Liendo, Cantabria, Spain. 1596 - 1786. (in Spanish)

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