Family Tree of Oswald Wrangham

of Witton Gilbert, Co. Durham, England

part II

by Miguel de Avendaño

Back one generation. The Venerable Francis Wrangham, M.A., F.R.S. Born June 11th 1769 at Raisthorpe, a farm-house in the parish of Wharram Percy. 'He was educated privately until at the age of fifteen he went for two years to Hull Grammar School under the Rev. Joseph Milner, as had William Wilberforce some eighteen years before. Thereafter he had a brilliant career at Cambridge, gaining the highest honours in classics and mathematics, and the Chancellor's gold medal and Sir William Browne's gold medal(33). In 1793 he was ordained and two years later he became rector of Hunmanby in the East Riding: he retained this living until his death, his elder son acting as resident curate latterly.

'In Yorkshire he was three times appointed Chaplain of Assize, and for twenty years he was examining chaplain to the Archbishop. He was made Archdeacon of Cleveland and later Archdeacon of the East Riding. In 1825 he became a Prebendary of Chester, and in due course rector of Dodleston. From then on he divided his year between his house in St. John's Place, Chester, and his vicarage at Hunmanby. In 1841 he retired to Chester, giving up the archdeaconry, in which he was succeeded by his son-in-law, the Rev. R.I. Wilberforce. He died at Chester on 27th December, 1842, and his body was honoured by burial in the Lady Chapel of the Cathedral(34).

'As a village parson he was notably practical -the founder of a Cow Club, a Village Library and a Dispensary, and also the warm advocate of a Savings Bank. The records of his questionnaires, visitations and charges show how thoroughly he practised his duties as archdeacon, what importance he attached to wider education and how much trouble he devoted to the restoration and preservation of church buildings. His sermons, even if Sydney Smith found them sometimes "sesquipedalian", were deeply concerned with "making religion part of the lives of ordinary folk rather than a weekly dose of hortatory condescension". Once on visiting a neighbouring church to take the service and on being warned that a turkey was nesting in the pulpit, he forebore to preach, remarking that nobody would miss a sermon anyway. As he himself recognised, his loyalty to Whig principles and to the unpopular cause of Catholic Emancipation kept him "unmitred".

'His printed works, not far short of 100 in number, principally covered religious, classical and historical subjects. They included numerous translations, Greek, Latin, Italian and French; and also much verse, English, French and Latin. Many were issued privately, and often a few copies were run off on coloured paper for the interest of subsequent bibliophiles. He contributed directly or indirectly to every guide-book to the Yorkshire coast in his time, he virtually founded the Northern Sea Bathing Infirmary at Scarborough -himself writing the prospectus- and no one did more to popularize that town in prose and verse. His literary friends included Scott, Wordsworth and Miss Mitford. He became a Fellow of the Royal Society and a member of the Bannatyne and Roxburghe Clubs.

'Perhaps more lasting fame derives from his library, which he had built up to over 15,000 volumes by 1819. His tastes, reasonably catholic, centred on the odd, the obscure and the neglected. He added a wing to Hunmanby Vicarage to house shelves, sometimes doubly filled, in every room, where his friend, Sydney Smith, had rightly warned that they would creep over the walls like an erysipelas. In due course several thousand books were "colonized" at Chester. Shortly before his death he bestowed on Trinity College, Cambridge, about 1,000 volumes containing from 8 to 10,000 tracts. To meet the terms of his Will the library was sold by Sotheby & Co. in London during two sessions each of ten days, covering the two sections at Hunmanby and Chester respectively.

'He was a devoted family man. His first wife, Agnes (Creyke)(35), died the year after their marriage in giving birth to another Agnes, who married the Rev. R.I. Wilberforce in 1832 and also died in giving birth to her younger son, two years later. By his second wife, Dorothy (Cayley)(36), he had two sons and three daughters, subsequently Mrs. Edward Barnard, Mrs. Whitehall Dod and Mrs. Henry Raikes. Of his sons only the younger married, his wife being the daughter of the Archdeacon's close friend, Walter Fawkes of Farnley. Family and other letters record his fatherly affection: he dedicated to his children a special poem, "The Quadruped's Feast"

'"National Portraits", published in his lifetime, wrote of him thus:- "In private life Mr. Wrangham is a gentleman of very polished manners, his address most courteous and persuasive, his person tall and commanding, his countenance eminently dignified, and, if we may (from its mild and benevolent expression) use the word, apostolical."(37)

'His neighbour and very warm friend, the Rev. Sydney Smith, loved to pull his leg:- "I am sorry to give you trouble, but to apologize to you for asking information is as it were to beg pardon of a cow for milking, or of the pump for taking water of it."

'Half a century later his youngest daughter wrote to her own children:- "But none of you can remember his charming manners, the sweetness and tenderness of his smile, the elegance of his language, the suavity of his reproofs, so that the servants used to say they liked being found fault with by master -he always seemed so to have trusted them and been fond of them".'(38) Issue from 1st marriage: Agnes Frances Everilda Wrangham. Baptised February 1st 1800 at Hunmanby. Married at Bridlington June 16th 1832 the Venerable Robert Isaac Wilberforce, M.A.(39), (born 1802and died 1857; married 2ndly Jane Legard, daughter of Digby Legard, Esq. of Etton, Yorkshire), Archdeacon of the East Riding of York, Fellow of Oriel College, Oxford, second son of William Wilberforce, the philanthropist (born August 24th 1759, died 1833 and buried at Westminster Abbey), and his wife Barbara Spooner (eldest daughter of Isaac Spooner of Elmdon Hall, Co. Warwick, by Barbara, sister of the 1st Lord Calthorpe). Died November 16th 1834. Issue: The Reverend William Francis Wilberforce, M.A. Born June 27th 1833. Educated Oriel College, Oxford; B.A. 1856; M.A., University College, Oxford, 1858. Ordained deacon in 1857 and priest in 1859; curate of Dalton Holme, 1857-59; curate of St. Giles, Reading, 1859-62; vicar of Royston, Yorkshire, 1862-73; vicar of St. M. Oldham, 1873-76; vicar of St. John, Ousebridge (or Micklegate), York, 1876-82; vicar of Fulford, Yorkshire, 1882-89; vicar of Brodsworth, Yorkshire, 1889. Married October 20th 1870 Elizabeth Hope, daughter of Charles Hope Maclean(40) (died 1839), Barrister-at-Law, and his wife Caroline Elizabeth, 2nd daughter of C. Beckford Long. Died December 25th 1905. No issue. Edward Wilberforce. Barrister and Master of Supreme Court of Judicature. Born November 9th 1834. Educated Eton College and Trinity College, Oxford. Married May 3rd 1860 Fannie Flash, daughter of Alexander Flash, Esq., of New Orleans. Died January 7th 1914. Issue: Lionel Robert Wilberforce. Professor of Physics, Liverpool University; lecturer in Physics, Cambridge University. Born April 18th 1861 at Munich. Educated London International College, Isleworth, and Trinity College, Cambridge. Married August 13th 1891 Margaret Raynes, 2nd daughter of the Reverend W. Raynes. Died April 1st 1944. No issue. Sir Herbert William Wrangham Wilberforce. Barrister-at-Law, Inner Temple. Born February 8th 1864. Educated London International College, Isleworth, University College, London, and Downing College, Cambridge. Married November 5th 1892 Florence Monk, daughter of Charles James Monk, Liberal Unionist M.P. for Gloucester, and his wife Julia Ralli, daughter of P.S. Ralli, Consul-General of Greece. Died March 28th 1941. Issue: Irene Florence Wilberforce. Died unmarried May 23rd 1987, aged 87, and buried at East Farleigh. Judith Monica Wilberforce. Married July 26th 1939 the Reverend Canon John Fleming. Issue: Monica Wilberforce Fleming. Married October 9th 1971 John Makra. Alexander Basil Edward Wilberforce. Born June 9th 1867. Married October 9th 1898 Matie Sargent. Died February 17th 1902. No issue. Evelyn Agnes Fannie Wilberforce. Married her second cousin Walter George Wrangham (nr.

Issue from 2nd marriage: The Reverend George Walter Wrangham, M.A. Baptised March 30th 1804 at Hunmanby. Educated Ripon, Brasenose College (matriculated January 14th 1822), Oxford, and Magdalene College (admitted October 17th 1825, B.A. 1828, M.A. 1831), Cambridge. Ordained priest June 1st 1828; rector of Thorpe Bassett, 1828-55, and vicar of Ampleforth, 1829-55. Died unmarried October 24th 1855 and buried at Aston Clinton, Buckinghamshire(41). Digby Cayley Wrangham, Q.C. Philadelphia Frances Esther Wrangham. Baptised April 18th 1802 at Hunmanby. Married 1stly April 25th 1821 the Reverend Edward William Barnard, M.A.(42) (born March 16th 1791, died January 10th 1828)(43), vicar of Cave, younger son of Henry Boldero Barnard (born 1755 and died February 6th 1815) of Cave Castle and his wife Sarah Elizabeth Gee(44). Married 2ndly March 2nd 1848 the Reverend Charles Watkin Wynne Eyton, B.D., (died January 21st 1870), Rector of Aston Clinton, Buckinghamshire, son of the Reverend Hope Eyton (born November 19th 1754) of Leeswood, vicar of Mod, and his wife Margaret Wynne, only daughter and heiress of Robert Wynne of The Tower, Flintshire. Died October 25th 1880. Issue from 1st marriage (no issue from 2nd marriage): Charles Edward Gee Boldero Barnard of Cave Castle, Yorkshire. J.P. and Barrister-at-Law. Born March 23rd 1822 and Baptised March 24th at South Cave. Married June 5th 1862 Sophia Letitia Stewart (born August 12th 1830 and died September 28th 1910), fifth daughter of the Honourable Andrew Godfrey Stewart (second son of Andrew Thomas Stewart, 2nd Earl of Castlestewart, and his wife Sarah Lill) and his wife Sophia Isabella Conyngham, daughter of George Lennox Conyngham. Died at Cave Castle August 14th 1894. Issue, an only daughter: Ursula Mary Florence Boldero Barnard, Lady of the Manor of South Cave. Born July 4th 1869. Died unmarried at Bournemouth, Hampshire, June 24th 1938. Rosamond Barnard. Baptised May 25th 1823 at South Cave. Died unmarried July 1st 1893. Caroline Barnard. Baptised May 26th 1824 at South Cave. Died unmarried November 21st 1892. Emily Barnard. Baptised September 8th 1826 at South Cave. Anne Caroline Wrangham. Baptised April 25th 1807 at Hunmanby. Married 1841 John Whitehall Dodd(45) of Cloverly Hall, Whitchurch, Shropshire, a Magistrate and Deputy Lieutenant for Shropshire, High Sheriff in 1829 and M.P. for North Shropshire 1848-59, eldest son of John Dodd of Cloverly Hall by his second wife Eleanor, daughter of John Goodyear of Crook Hill, Yorkshire. No issue. Lucy Charlotte Wrangham. Baptised February 28th 1811 at Hunmanby. Married October 29th 1836 Henry Raikes(46) (born September 25th 1811 and died October 25th 1863) of Llwynegrin Hall, Barrister-at-Law, Middle Temple, High Sheriff of Flint (1851), Chairman of Quarter Sessions and Registrar of the Diocese of Chester, son of the Reverend Henry Raikes, M.A. (born September 24th 1782 and died November 28th 1854), Chancellor of the Diocese of Chester, and his wife Augusta Whittington (died October 24th 1820). Died November 17th 1889 at Hyères, France. Issue: Rt. Hon. Henry Cecil Raikes, M.P. Born at the Deanery, Chester, November 25th 1838. Educated Shrewsbury School and Trinity College, Cambridge, BA 1860, second in classics, president of the Cambridge Union; honorary LL.D. Cambridge University, 1888. Barrister, Middle Temple, 1863. Conservative M.P. for Chester 1868-1880, Preston 1882, and Cambridge University 1882-91; Chancellor of the Diocese of St. Asaph; Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons, March 1874 to April 1880; Privy Councillor, 1880; Post Master General in Lord Salisbury's government, 1886-91; Deputy-Lieutenant of Flint, 1864-1891. Married September 26th 1861 Charlotte Blanche Trevor-Roper (died December 18th 1922 in London, aged 96), 4th daughter of Charles Blayney Trevor-Roper of Plâs Têg, Flint. Died August 24th 1891 and buried at Saint Mary's, Mold, Flintshire. Issue: Henry St. John Digby Raikes, K.C., C.B.E., J.P. Born December 23rd 1863. Educated Charterhouse and Trinity College, Cambridge. Called to the Bar, Inner Temple, 1887. C.B.E. 1920; K.C. 1921; Recorder of King's Lynn 1905. Author of 'Life & Letters of H.C. Raikes', poems of H.C. Raikes and 'Gleanings from Beaconsfield'. Married July 25th 1889 Annie Lucinda Mackinnon (died March 27th 1936), daughter of Major General Daniel Henry Mackinnon, 16th Lancers, and granddaughter of Thomas, 4th Baron Dimsdale(47). Died May 1st 1943. Issue, an only son: Sir (Henry) Victor Alpin MacKinnon Raikes, K.B.E. Born January 19th 1901. Educated Westminster School, 1914-19, and Trinity College, Cambridge; B.A., 1922; barrister, Inner Temple, July 2nd 1924; M.P. for South East Essex 1931-45, Liverpool (Wavertree)1945-50, Garston 1950-57; K.B.E. 1953; Flt.Lt. R.A.F.V.R. 1940-42; Knight of the Sovereign M.H. Order of St John of Jerusalem 1970; chairman of the Monday Club 1976-79. Married 1940 Audrey Elizabeth Joyce Wilson(48), daughter of Alan Plumpton Wilson of Repton, Derbyshire. Issue: Antonia Spontana MacKinnon Raikes, B.A. Educated University of New York. Married December 20th 1969 her 6th cousin Charles Fitzgerald Raikes (born October 6th 1930), son of Arthur Fitzgerald Raikes, M.C. (born May 17th 1897 in Minneapolis, U.S.A., and died May 15th 1972), and his first wife Margaret Virginia Hawthorne (died 1952). Issue: Jennifer Catherine MacKinnon Raikes. Born September 17th 1971. Victoria Samantha Raikes. Born September 1st 1973. Henrietta Rowena Mackinnon Raikes. Born August 7th 1948. Educated at the French Lycee, London, and at Bocconi University, Milan. Francis Edward Raikes, C.V.O., M.V.O, O.B.E. Born June 7th 1870. Educated Haileybury. Held commission in the 3rd Battalion Cheshire Regiment, 1888-1891; private secretary to the Post Master General, 1890-1891; Queen's Foreign Service Messenger, 1892; Senior King's Foreign Service Messenger; resigned due to ill health 1921; received Coronation Medals of King Edward VII and King George V; C.V.O. 1922; M.V.O. 1917; O.B.E. 1918. Married January 3rd 1906 Iris Veronica Sopwith (born January 5th 1882 and died April 17th 1977), daughter of Thomas Sopwith, C.E. Died September 11th 1922. Issue: Rosamond Violet Raikes. Born September 1st 1907. Vice Admiral Cecil Dacre Staveley Raikes, C.B.E. Born May 29th 1874. Educated Stubbington House, H.M.S. Britannia, R.N. Colleges. Vice Admiral, 1929; C.B.E., 1922; Admiralty Assesor to Court of Appeal and to Board of Trade. Married October 9th 1924 Katherine Georgina Josephine Weld-Forester, only daughter of Lieutenant Colonel the Hon. Francis Henry Cecil Weld-Forester(49) of Decker Hill, Shifnel, Shropshire, and his wife Alexina Josephine Arbuthnott. Died February 15th 1947. Issue: Francis Arthur Alexander Dacre Raikes. Born December 29th 1925. Educated Radley. Served R.N. 1943-46; sugar planter in British Guiana 1947-50; with Borneo Company in Thailand since1951; past president of the British Chamber of Commerce, Bangkok; Member of the Most Noble Order of the Crown of Thailand. Unmarried. Cecilia Heather Raikes. Born July 1st 1927. Married 1stly March 26th 1949 (dissolved by divorce 1955) James Fleming, late The Black Watch, son of James Fleming, of Radwell, Warwick. Married 2ndly January 1956 John Power George, son of B. George, of Fountain Court, Buckingham Palace Park Road, S.W.1. Issue from 2nd marriage: Julian D.P. George. Born 1957. David A.E. George. Born 1959. Thomas Algernon Raikes. Born August 22nd 1876. Educated Charterhouse and Trinity Hall, Cambridge. Joined the British South Africa Company and was active commissioner in Bulawayo and Umtali. Joined National Bank of Egypt 1906, manager at Khartoum. Commanded Dumbartonshire Volunteers in the Great War. Married August 30th 1906 Jean Edith Baird, daughter of John Baird, J.P., D.L., of Lochwood, Inverness. Died December 16th 1950. Issue: Lt.Col. Thomas Hugh Cecil Raikes, O.B.E., M.C. Born April 13th 1908 in London. Educated Winchester College (scholar), 1920-27, and Trinity Hall, Cambridge. Commissioned in the London Rifle Brigade (T.A.) in 1939; transferred to R.E.; M.C., three times mentioned in despatches; Head of Joint Import/Export Agency, Control Commission for Germany; O.B.E. 1974. Married 1stly August 1937 Marie-Antoinette Eugenie Bourgeois, daughter of Professor Eugene Bourgeois of Cairo University. Married 2ndly Eva Daisy Bennion, daughter of Philip Henry Bennion of Stoke-on-Trent. Major Douglas Charles Gordon Raikes, T.D. Born January 26th 1910 at Clifton. Educated Shrewsbury and Queen's College, Oxford; O.U. Cricket XI 1931. Joined I.C.I. Ltd in 1933; senior executive, Overseas dept. R.E. (T.A.), served 1939-45. Married 1stly at Chelsea Old Church April 12th 1945 Monica Goulden (who died September 30th 1966), daughter of Dr. Albert Edmund Goulden of Llandrindod Wells. Married 2ndly September 9th 1967 Pauline Grace Mason, daughter of Raymond Arthur Mason of Sevenoaks, Kent. Issue from 1st marriage: Richard Gordon Raikes. Born October 20th 1939 at Sevenoaks, Kent. Educated Shrewsbury. With Bank of London and South America. Alan Graham Raikes. Born January 3rd 1942 at Sevenoaks, Kent. Educated Cranbrook School and University of Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Married September 6th 1968 Barbara Willis, daughter of George Willis of Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Issue (adopted): Russell Mark Raikes. Born December 2nd 1958 at Blind River, Ontario, Canada. Debra Jean Raikes. Born November 6th 1960 at Chatham, Ontario, Canada. Simon Goulden Raikes. Born September 15th 1944 at Sevenoaks. Educated Cranbrook School. Married December 12th 1970 at Deal, Kent, Christine Miriam Stemp, daughter of Robert Arthur Stemp. Alice Theodora Raikes. Born 1862. Married 1890 William Arthur Wilson Fox, C.B., Comptroller of the Commercial, Labour and Statistical Departments of the Board of Trade (born 1861 and died January 21st 1909), son of Dr. Wilson Fox, F.R.S., Physician in Ordinary to Queen Victoria. Died December 4th 1943 at 20 Glazbury Road, Kensington, London. Issue, an only daughter: Dorothy Amabel Wilson Fox. Born September 5th 1891. Married at North Mimms, Hertfordshire, August 30th 1923 her fourth cousin once removed Colonel (later Major General Sir) Geoffrey Taunton Raikes, C.B., D.S.O. (born April 7th 1884 and died March 27th 1975), Lord Lieutenant of Breconshire (1948-59), son of Robert Taunton Raikes, M.A. (born April 15th 1843 and died August 24th 1919), and his second wife Rosa Margaret Cripps (born January 8th 1854 and died August 29th 1923). Died April 21st 1952 at Treberfydd, Breconshire. Issue: Dorothea Margaret Raikes, J.P. (Breconshire). Born January 2nd 1925. Educated Overstone. Married 1stly September 11th 1948 her first cousin Major Robin Duncan Raikes(50) (born June 20th 1921 and died 1984), son of Lt.Col. Wilfrid Taunton Raikes, D.S.O., M.C. and bar (three times mentioned in despatches), and his wife Elizabeth Gentle Kennedy (born March 11th 1893 and died July 29th 1979). Married 2ndly in 1990 David Garnons Williams. Issue from 1st marriage: David Geoffrey Raikes, M.A. Born October 27th 1949 at Redhill. Educated Radley and St. Andrew's University. Economist with Bank of England 1973. Married May 10th 1975 at Clare, Suffolk, Anne Thicknesse, M.A. (Oxon.), daughter of the Reverend Ralph Thicknesse. Issue: Sarah Rhiannon Raikes. Born May 8th 1978. Elinor Raikes. Huw Raikes. Susan Elizabeth Wilson Raikes, M.A. Born August 17th 1952 at Rinteln, Germany. Educated Abbey School, Malvern, Manchester University (B.A. Econ.) and Nottingham University (M.A. and C.Q.S.W.). Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, Wolfson College, Oxford, 1974-76. Gillian Rosalind Raikes. Born January 2nd 1958 at Brecon. Educated Abbey School, Malvern, and St. Andrew's University. Married Anthony Marriott. Issue: (Son). (Son). Hilda Elined Raikes. Born March 1st 1926. Educated Overstone. Married September 8th 1951 Captain (later Lt. Col.) Francis de Riemer Morgan, M.C., The Buffs, son of Major General H. de Riemer Morgan, D.S.O., and his 1st wife Frances C. Anderson. Issue: (Son). (Daughter). (Daughter). Alison Mary Raikes, M.A. Born March 2nd 1930. Educated St. Helen's, Northwood, and Somerville College, Oxford. Married April 23rd 1960 John de Riemer Morgan, son of Major General H. de Riemer Morgan, D.S.O., and his 1st wife Frances C. Anderson. Issue: (Son). (Son). Blanche Amabel Raikes. Married April 11th 1893 Major Sir John Charles Harford(51) (born July 28th 1860), 1st Bt. (created July 29th 1934), Lord of the Manor of Lampeter, of Blaise Castle, Gloucestershire, and Falcondale, Lampeter, D.L., J.P. Co. Cardigan and Co. Gloucester, High Sheriff Co. Cardigan 1885, son of John Battersby Harford, M.A. (Oxon.), J.P., of Falcondale, Co.Cardigan, and his wife Mary Charlotte Elizabeth Bunsen(52). Died 1904. Issue: John Henry Harford. Lieutenant, 1st Battalion South Wales Borderers. Born February 7th 1895. Killed in action October 26th 1916. Sir (George) Arthur Harford, 2nd Bt., O.B.E. Born December 29th 1897. Educated Harrow School and Royal Military College, Sandhurst. Served 21st (E. of I.) Lancers 1917-23, 17/21st Lancers and General Staff 1940-45; J.P., D.L., Cardiganshire; High Sheriff 1938-39; D.P. Hampshire 1953. Married 1931 Anstice Marion Tritton (born July 17th 1909), younger daughter of Sir Alfred Tritton, 2nd Bt., and his wife Agnetta Elspeth Campbell. Died December 18th 1967. Issue: Sir (John) Timothy Harford, 3rd Bt. Born July 6th 1932. Educated Harrow School, Worcester College, Oxford, and the Harvard Business School. Married 1962 Carolyn Jane Mullens, daughter of Brigadier Guy John de Wette Mullens, O.B.E. Issue: Clare Elizabeth Harford. Born March 24th 1963. Married 1989 Nicholas Clatworthy, younger son of Peter Clatworthy, of Bayswater. Mark John Harford. Born August 6th 1964. Simon Guy Harford. Born September 24th 1966. Robina Elspeth Harford. Born 1934. Married 1956 Jeremy Christopher Glyn (born October 1st 1930 and died 1984), only son of the late Sir Francis Maurice Grosvenor Glyn(53), K.C.M.G., and his wife Jane Perkins. Issue: Lucinda Mary Glyn. Born June 3rd 1958. Piers Scandrett Harford. Born 1937. Educated Eton and Worcester College, Oxford. Married 1stly 1961 (dissolved 1972) Hyacinthe Cecilia Hoare, daughter ofLt.Col. Nigel Walter Hoare(54), O.B.E., T.D., R.E. Married 2ndly Patricia Jane Burnett, daughter of Air Commodore Patrick Burnett. Issue from 1st marriage: Henry Scandrett Harford. Born 1963. Charlotte Anstice Harford. Born 1965.

Issue from 2nd marriage: William Patrick Harford. Born 1976. William Harford. Born June 29th 1899 and died the following July 4th. Mary Amabel Harford. Married as his first wife June 20th 1916 (dissolved by divorce 1944) Charles Loraine Hill(55) (born February 18th 1891; married 2ndly March 4th 1944 Mrs Hélène Charlotte de Berquely Kirwan-Taylor, daughter of Grant Richards and former wife of Lt.Col. William John Kirwan-Taylor(56), the marriage having been dissolved by divorce in 1941; died December 14th 1976), J.P. Somerset (1923), Sheriff of Bristol (1939), Chairman Bristol City Line of Steamships, eldest son of Charles Gathorne Hill (born June 7th 1857 and died December 11th 1934), M.A., J.P Gloucestershire (1900) and Somerset (1902), Major North Somerset Yeomanry, and his wife Gertrude Isabella Mortimer(57) (died December 19th 1949). Died at Burdocks, Fairford, Gloucestershire, January 21st 1966, aged 71. Issue: Audrey V. Hill? John Charles Gathorne Hill of Highfield House, Chew Magna, Somerset. Born June 15th 1917. Married March 25th 1950 Pamela Joan Skuce. Diana Joscelyn Hill. Born September 5th 1919. Married March 20th 1948 Robin Ernest Donald Campbell, son of the Venerable Donald Fitzherbert Campbell, Archdeacon of Carlyle. Died May 20th 1957. Issue: (Son). (Daughter). (Daughter). Richard Hill of Harptree Court, East Harptree, Somerset. Shipbuilder; J.P. Somerset, High Sheriff 1964. Born July 23rd 1921. Educated Eton College. Married April 17th 1948 Jean Mary Vernon Wills, only daughter of Sir George Vernon Proctor Wills (born March 21st 1887 and died February 1st 1931), 2nd Baronet of Langford Court, Blagdon, Somerset, and his wife Nellie Jeanie Rutherford (died January 28th 1961). Issue: Angela Mary Hill. Born February 2nd 1949. Caryll Loraine Hill. Born April 4th 1951. Charles Peter Loraine Hill. Born March 30th 1954. Educated Millfield. Sarah Loraine Hill. Born April 13th 1957. Sonia Favell Hill. Born September 15th 1923. Married September 8th 1945 Charles Thomas Keyser. Issue: Charles P. Keyser. Born 1946. James E. Keyser. Born 1948. Pamela Hill, J.P. (1959). Born September 13th 1929. Married as his 2nd wife (his first marriage having been dissolved by divorce in 1954) May 1st 1954 Henry Hobhouse (born December 26th 1924) eldest son of Sir Arthur Lawrence Hobhouse(58) of Hadspen House, Castle Cary, Somerset, J.P (1921), M.P. for Somerset (Wells Div., 1923-24), and his wife Konradin Huth Jackson(59). Issue: Henry Hobhouse. Born March 29th 1955. William Hobhouse. BornMarch 29th 1956. Edward Hobhouse. Born May 1st 1960. Robert Hobhouse. Born September 29th 1962. Arthur Whittington Raikes. Born November 27th 1877. Educated Westminster. London Stock Exchange; research chemist; poultry farmer. Married July 27th 1908 Gladys Sarah White, daughter of Frederick Anthony White of 170 Queen's Gate, London. Died at Highclere, Hampshire, February 15th 1921. Issue: Richard Anthony Raikes. Born August 15th 1909 at Welwyn. Educated Winchester and Magdalene College, Cambridge. Engineer. Lieutenant, 60th Rifles. Missing, presumed killed in action at Calais, May 1940. Married April 11th 1935 at the Holy Trinity, Sloane Street, Lisel Lasch of Cologne (who married 2ndly November 19th 1946 Roger Seager Berry of Derbyshire). Issue: Adrian Richard Raikes. Born June 24th 1938 in London. Educated Michaelhouse, Natal. With Witwatersrand Native Labour Association in Malawi; later farming in Rhodesia and Swaziland. Chairman Swaziland Natural Resources Board. Married May 23rd 1964 at Barnes Camilla Shelbourne Taylor of Barnes. Issue: Nicola Louise Raikes. Born November 12th 1966 in Johannesburg, South Africa. Emma Elizabeth Raikes. Born August 30th 1968 in Swaziland. Philippa Raikes. Born April 6th 1940 at Tonbridge. Educated St. Andrew's School, Johannesburg, South Africa. Married 1977 Geoffrey Apfill Brown. Julian Henry Raikes. Born January 10th 1911 at Welwyn. Educated Stowe and Magdalene College, Cambridge. Married 1stly December 12th 1933 Mary Sylvia Serocold. Married 2ndly June 6th 1969 Anne Longman. Died November 1st 1978. Issue from 1st marriage: Anthony Francis Raikes. Educated Eton College and Brasenose College, Oxford. Married May 9th 1964 at Farleigh Hungerford, Bath, Scilla Rosalind Poole, daughter of Captain R.G. Poole, R.N. Issue: Simon Anthony Raikes. Born March 28th 1965. Vanessa Rosalind Raikes. Born February 11th 1972. Edward Robert Raikes. Born July 18th 1938. Educated Eton and Magdalene College, Oxford. Married September 25th 1965 at Knebworth Jennifer Margaret Tufton, daughter of G.W.A. Tufton of Knebworth. Issue: Jason Alexander Raikes. Born November 9th 1966. Benedick Arthur Raikes. Born January 13th 1969. Stella Mary Evelyn Raikes. Born April 5th 1972. Edith Gertrude Raikes. Married June 10th 1890 Ernest Lowthorpe Lutwidge(60) (born 1865 and died September 20th 1929) of Holm Rook Hall, Whitehaven, Cumberland, J.P. and D.L., Lord of the Manor of Bolton, Major and Honorary Lieutenant Colonel 3rd Battalion the York and Lancaster Regiment, son of James William Frederick Lowthorpe and Elizabeth Lucy Raikes(61). Died July 15th 1949, aged 83. Issue: Ernest Cecil Fletcher Lowthorpe Lutwidge. Lieutenant, 3rd Battalion The Border Regiment, W.W.I. Born September 20th 1895. Educated Harrow School, 1911-14. Died (unmarried?) September 15th 1971. Hubert Frederick Skeffington Lowthorpe Lutwidge. Born December 6th 1898. Married Joan Sybil -. Died November 1st 1970. Issue: Philippa Jill Lowthorpe Lutwidge. Married - Willder. Edith Selma Elizabeth Lowthorpe Lutwidge. Married 1stly - Faithfull? Married 2ndly Olwen Holmes Gettins. Issue from 1st marriage: Arthur Wyndham Faithfull. Lucy Marjorie Lowthorpe Lutwidge. Married 1stly May 26th 1920 Reginald H. Spooner, son of the Venerable Archdeacon of Liverpool, of Walton Rectory. Married 2ndly - Legard. Issue from 1stmarriage: John M. Spooner. Born 1921. Edward H. Spooner. Born 1923. Lucy Violet Raikes. Married October 29th 1915 Charles John Geast Dugdale(62) (born September 24th 1887 and died June 16th 1944) of Merevale Hall, Warwick, son of Colonel Henry Charles Geast Dugdale, Rifle Brigade, and his wife Edith Cecilia Montgomery, of Grey Abbey, Co. Down. Died April 22nd 1935, aged 62. No issue. Agnes Augusta Raikes. Married her 1st cousin the Reverend Digby Strangeways Wrangham (nr. His Honour Judge Francis William Raikes, LL.D., K.C. Born February 2nd 1842 in Chester. Educated Shrewsbury, the Royal Academy, Gosport, and Peterhouse, Cambridge; M.A. 1874; LL.M. 1876; LL.D. 1882. Spent three years in Merchant Service at sea, then passed to the Royal Navy. Called to the Bar, Inner Temple, 1873. Author of various works on maritime law. Married 1878 Diana Mary Howard Barber (died 1932, aged 76), daughter of H. Howard Barber, 17th Lancers. Died September 28th 1906 at Leat House, Malton, Yorkshire, and buried at Wharram Percy. Issue: Francis Howard Raikes. Born July 4th 1879. Lieutenant, King's Royal Rifle Corps. Served in the South African War, 1900; in command of a half company of the King's Royal Rifle Corps at Ladysmith, where in the early morning of January 6th 1900 'he had posted his men in two rifle pits which had been constructed on the Nek between Wagon Hill and Caesar's Camp. At the commencement of the Boer attack he was on the ground between, so that he might better direct the fire of his men. As the enemy continued to approach closer Lieut. Raikes, thinking it would come to hand-to-hand fighting, called out to Serg. Davies in one of the rifle pits asking if there was room for him. Sergt. Davies replied: "Yes; but take care of the heavy fire." Lieut. Raikes replied: "Look out, I am coming", and then ran to the rifle pit but fell dead just as he reached it, shot through the heart. Some reinforcements now arrived, but this young officer and his handful of riflemen had held the enemy in check till 8 a.m. When he fell he was probably the youngest lieut. in the Army.' He was buried half way up the Nek between Wagon Hill and Caesar's Camp in a grave with four other officers: Lieutenant N.M. Tod, Major D. Mackworth, Major Robert Scarlett Bowen and 2nd Lieutenant W.H.T. Hill. A marble cross and pedestal were erected on the site, with the following inscription: "In token of affection and regard by their brother officers." 'To this memorial five separate crosses have been added by relatives, and a kerb encloses the whole.' 'The East window of St. Peter's Parish Church, Norton, is dedicated to his memory and that of other comrades who fell Jan. 6th. A bronze memorial tablet has also been erected... in Mold Parish Church, and a brass tablet in the School of Handicrafts at Chertsey, in which Institution he took the greatest interest.'(63) Charlotte Annie Raikes. Born October 27th 1837. Married October 31st 1864 Thomas Jones (born 1829) of Llanerchrugog Hall and Eglwyseg Manor House, Co. Denbigh, F.R.S.L., J.P., D.L. and Barrister-at-Law, son of Thomas Jones of Llanerchrugog Hall and Old Marton Hall, Shropshire, and his wife Frances Esther Morrall, daughter of Charles Morrall(64) of Kilhendre Park and Plâs Iolyn, Shropshire. Died July 15th 1868. Issue: William Henry Trevor Edwards Jones. Born October 2nd 1865. Died March 22nd 1870. Colonel George Whittington Raikes, King's Royal Rifle Corps. Born June 8th 1846. Married May 25th 1871 Alice Marianne Ewart (born June 15th 1851 and died at Leamington in 1922), daughter of Peter Ewart of Hoole Bank, Cheshire. Died May 29th 1925 in Leamington. Issue: Hugh Percival Raikes. Born August 30th 1874 in Sussex. Educated Winchester. M.I.C.E. Married February 4th 1913 Roshilda Allnutt Knox (died May 12th 1979 at Ringwood, Hampshire), daughter of Major V. Knox of Springfield, Moreton-on-Marsh, Gloucestershire. Died June 1st 1933. Issue: Clementia Alys Raikes. Born May 2nd 1914. Died unmarried August 15th 1994. Captain Peter Patrick Raikes, M.C. Born December 17th 1915. Educated Winchester. Articled civil engineer 1933. A.M.I.C.E. 2nd Lieutenant, R.E. (T.A.); granted regular commission; served Dunkirk campaign, M.C.; captain; captured at St. Valery-en-Caux, escaped three times, finally reaching Spain on foot, later arrived at Gibraltar, where he was killed in an air raid on September 24th 1940. Mabel Aimee Raikes. Born December 11th 1875 in Sussex. V.A.D. 1914-19; mentioned in despatches. Died unmarried October 8th 1954 at Leamington Spa. Elsie Winifred Raikes. Born March 17th 1877 in Sussex. With Winchester College Mission 1909-14, 1920-25; Sister T.F.N.S., 1914-19. Died unmarried February 28th 1957 at Leamington Spa. Major General George Leonard Raikes, C.B., D.S.C. Born November 18th 1878. Educated Stratford-on-Avon and Royal Military Academy, Woolwich. Royal Marine Artillery, 1896; served with Naval Brigade, South African War, being present in operations in the Orange Free State, including operations at Paardeberg and seeing action at Dreifontein; awarded the Queen's Medal with three clasps; in France and Belgium, 1914-18; D.S.C., mentioned in despatches (London Gazette January 1st 1916); Commandant, Plymouth division, Royal Marines; C.B. 1926. Married 1936 Christine Cycill Collier, daughter of C.B. Collier of South Brent. Died October 11th 1949. No issue. Gladys Diana Raikes. Born January 9th 1880. Missionary in South Africa. Died unmarried January 7th 1952 at Leamington Spa. Gwendoline Ethel Raikes. Born November 5th 1881. Died unmarried January 21st 1962 at Leamington Spa. Charles Edward Raikes. Born April 25th 1848. Died May 26th 1864. Lucy Dorothea Raikes. Born 1849. Died unmarried July 15th 1922 at Bath, aged 73. Caroline Louisa Raikes. Born 1851. Married 1stly September 4th 1875 Captain Robert Beaumont Pipon, R.N., of Noirmont, Jersey, (died July 29th 1881 on board H.M.S. Ranger in the Persian Gulf). Married 2ndly in 1899 George Henry Drew (died October 14th 1906, aged 89) of Midhurst. Died July 27th 1913. Issue from 1st marriage, an only son: Lt.Col. Robert Henry Pipon, D.S.O., M.C., Royal Fusiliers. Born January 17th 1882. Served East Africa (Somaliland), 1908-10, medal with clasp; employed with the King's African Rifles, May 30th 1907 to June 19th 1910; served W.W.I., 1914-18, mentioned in despatches (London Gazette June 22nd 1915, December 18th 1917 and December 27th 1918), D.S.O., clasp to D.S.O., M.C. Died (unmarried?) July 20th 1964 at Veytaux, Vaud, Switzerland. Emily Marion Raikes. Married April 11th or 17th 1872 Lt.Col. Philip Charles Yorke (born April 13th 1844 and died January 27th 1895), 1st Battalion King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment, elder son of the Reverend Charles Isaac Yorke(65), Rector of Shenfield, Essex, and his wife Ellen Leigh. Died April 28th 1936, aged 83. Issue: Major Henry Reginald Yorke, M.C. Born May 29th 1874. Educated Harrow School, 1888-91. In South America, 1892-98. Served in South Africa, 1899-1902, with the Imperial Yeomanry; served W.W.I, joined Warwick Yeomanry, 1914; in Egypt, 1915; torpedoed in H.M.T. Wayfarer; at Gallipoli, 1915; wounded; in France, 1917; 2nd in command Traffic Control Squadron, 1918; M.C., 1918; twice mentioned in despatches. Married October 28th 1903 Beatrix Victoire (died October 8th 1960, aged 78), younger daughter of Captain George Staunton Lynch-Staunton(66), 14th Hussars, of Purbrook House, Hampshire. Died as the result of an accident March 15th 1944. Issue: Philip Yorke. Farmer; served as crew member on tramp steamers; farmed in Argentina and New Zealand; farm and estate manager 1933-45. Born December 31st 1905. Educated Harrow School, 1919-21, Westminster School, 1921-22, and the Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester. Married April 30th 1945 Elsie May Heasman, youngest daughter of E. Heasman, of Brighton. Commander Charles Anthony Yorke, R.N. Born July 17th 1910. Served in W.W.II 1939-45. Killed in a motor-cycle accident, June 27th 1949. Group Captain David Christopher Yorke, D.S.O., R.A.F.O. Born September 5th 1913. Served in W.W.II 1939-45 (mentioned in despatches); D.S.O. 1940. Brigadier Philip Gerard Yorke, D.S.O., J.P. (Somerset). Born January 9th 1882. Educated Wellington College, 1895-99, and Royal Military Academy, Woolwich. Represented England show jumping in Spain and America. Served in W.W.I; B.E.F., France and Belgium; B.M.R.A., Macedonia, B.M.R.A., 1918; mentioned in despatches; D.S.O., 1919; Brigadier, Royal Horse Artillery; Commander Royal Artillery 49th (West Riding) Division 1934-35; Brigadier Royal Artillery Southern Command, India 1935-39; served in W.W.II 1939-41; Mérito Militar (Spain), 1909; J.P. Somerset. Married Beryl Emilia Phillpotts, 4th daughter of Brigadier General Arthur Henry Croker Phillpotts, R.H.A. Died January 28th 1968. Issue: Lt.Col. Arthur Philip Denys Yorke, M.C., R.A. Born March 16th 1915. Educated Wellington College, 1928-33, and Royal Military Academy, 1933. Served W.W.II; B.E.F., 1939-40; M.E.L.F., 1942-43; B.L.A., 1944-45; M.C., 1945; Lieutenant Colonel, Royal Artillery. Married January 19th 1957 Mary Elizabeth Glasbrook, elder daughter of John Henry Lionel Glasbrook, of Childe Okeford Manor, Blandford, Dorset. Issue: Michael Philip Yorke. Born February 15th 1959. Nicholas Simon Yorke. Born November 25th 1961. Delia Mary Yorke. Born February 2nd 1964. Amabel Marion Yorke. Born 1924. Married September 14th 1963 Brigadier Robert Michael Carr, M.B.E., D.F.C., R.A., eldest son of D.L. Carr. Issue (adopted): Peter Robert Carr. Born May 27th 1965. Philippa Amabel Carr. Born 1966. Arthur Stewart Raikes, M.A. Born June 16th 1856. Educated Winchester and Trinity College, Cambridge; B.A. 1878, M.A. 1882. Entered Diplomatic Service, attaché at Athens 1880, Third Secretary at Copenhagen 1882, Second Secretary at Buenos Aires 1885, Berlin 1887, Rome 1892, First Secretary at Rio de Janeiro 1896, Brussels 1898, Washington 1901-1904, and His Britannic Majesty's Minister at Santiago, 1904; retired 1907. Died unmarried March 22nd 1925.


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